6 of the best Furniture Removal tips

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Furniture Removal tips by ‘Ave A Good Day Removals

Read our moving guide for 6 of the best Furniture Removal tips for your next move. ‘Ave A Good Day Removals are specialists at Furniture Removals on the East coast of Australia and we aim to help every customer make their move a successful one. Want peace of mind? Look no further than ‘Ave A Good Day Removals.

Continue reading for our Furniture Removal tips below:

#1 – Disconnect all devices

Our first Furniture Removal tip is to disconnect all devices from an electric socket. This will make your move alot smoother and keep your devices safe during the move.

#2 – Empty your fridge & freezer

Make sure your fridge and freezer is free of any items before we move it onto the truck. Also, your freezer items should be stored in an esky or a cool bag/box.

#3 – Drain fuel items

Due to insurance policies, Removalists like ‘Ave A Good Day Removals aren’t allowed to move any devices with flammable items. If we’re moving your lawn mover, the fuel will need to be empty. We also can’t move explosive items, including: ammunition, gas cyclinders, gasoline and paint.

#4 – Confirm settlement

For your new place, it’s critical you let us know if any date or time changes with your settlement.

#5 – Notify Neighbours / Body Corporate

For easy access to your home or unit, it’s always best to let your neighbours and body corporate know of your moving date. The neighbours will appreciate the heads up and they won’t get in the way of your move.

#6 – Pack a priority box

Our last Furniture Removal tip is to keep all your essential items with you during the move. The items we recommended carrying are: mobile phone and charger, snacks, keys, remotes, towels, soap, toiletries, kitchen essentials and food.

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Furniture Removal tips

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