Moving and Packing Helpful Advice and Tips

Here’s Your Helpful A-Z Moving House Check List or click here to download it

Want to know..     How to pack a box?   How to pack fragile items?   How to plan a furniture removal?


Easy Furniture Removal Preparation starts with a few phone calls:

A.        Call & obtain a Free Written Quote from ‘Ave A Good Day Removals and book your removalist early to secure your preferred date.

B.        Call To Book Your Storage Unit if you require storage for any length of time – ‘Ave A Good Day Removals Can Help you estimate the size you will need based on your inventory list.

C.        Call & Organise The Transfer Of Your Utilities  such as Electricity, Gas, Phone and Water.

D.        Call to Schedule Pre Packing If Required,  ‘Ave A Good Day Removals  provide this service.

E.        Call to Order Boxes & Pre Packing Materials if packing yourself. Start packing ASAP


How To Pack Boxes And Pack Fragile Items

F.        To Make Up Boxes fold the 2 small flaps to centre, then fold the 2 large flaps together to meet, tape across both ways to reinforce the bottom of the box with good quality packing tape.

G.       How To Pack Fragile Items In A Box. Use crushed paper in the bottom, sides & top of all fragile boxes to act as a cushion, label the box clearly FRAGILE. Wrap Each Fragile Item Individually in either bubble wrap or white butchers papers. ( We do not recommend newspaper as the ink will rub off and may stain some items. ) Delicate or fragile items should be packed with enough packing material around them to ensure no weight will be above the item and there is enough scrunched paper or filling to ensure there is no movement in the box.

H.       Tea Chest Size Boxes are useful for clothes, linen, bedding, pots, pans, lamp shades, Tupperware, plastic containers, ,toys, stuffed toys   etc

I.         Book / Wine / China Boxes are useful for CDs, DVDs, books, wine, glassware, crockery, food & other heavy or fragile items

J.         Frames & Mirrors are best packed in picture/mirror boxes with crushed paper at both ends & the sides then seal

K.        Clearly Label Cartons With Room Destination & Contents. Write on the side & on top of boxes so they are easily read when they are stacked

L.        Put Everything That Will Fit In A Box Into A Box to best protect your belongings. Any thing too large for a box leave to our professional removal team.

M.       Ensure Boxes Are Packed Full Yet Flat On Top with no movement in them.

N.       Wrap Crockery such as plates, bowls, cups, glasses & fragile items individually in white butchers paper or bubble wrap (newspaper is not recommended as it can permanently stain crockery)

O.       Once Wrapped, place plates on their edge and glasses on their rim, ensuring heavier items are on the bottom. Cushion box as above for all fragile cartons.

P.        Remove Bulbs From Lamps and pack lampshades for added protection.


What to do the day before your Furniture Removal.

Q.       Disconnect All Non Essential Powered Devices, e.g. stereo, dvd, computer. Remember to remove any CD’s & DVD’s prior to transportation & clearly label each cord.

R.        Empty Your Refrigerator & Freezer to moving.

S.        Drain Lawnmower & Whipper Snipper Of Fuel. For insurance reasons, removalist cannot move or store flammable, combustible, corrosive, or explosive items such as paint, gasoline,  ammunition & gas cylinders.

T.        Confirm Settlement & Moving In Time and advise ‘Ave A Good Day Removals ASAP if there are any changes.

U.       As a courtesy Notify Neighbours & or Body Corporate Of Your Removal Date & Time for ease of access for neighbours & the removal truck.

V.        Pack A PRIORITY BOX  to keep all essentials with you on your removal day. Suggestions are keys, remotes, mobile phone charger, pen, paper, relevant contact details, snacks, tea/coffee, sugar, kettle, paper plates, cups, utensils, long life milk, dishwashing liquid, paper towels, tea towel, toilet roll, soap, torch and a small tool kit with screwdriver and pliers.


What to do the day of your Furniture Removal.

W.      Ensure Parking Is Available For The Removal Truck & access to your door way is clear for your removalist

X.        Once your removalists have arrived Advise Of Any Special Requirements you have as they are there to assist you & ensure your removal runs smoothly

Y.        Before The Removalist Have Finished Loading The Truck  walk through each room & check inside all cupboards to ensure all goods have been collected

Z.        Leave all keys & remotes for people moving into your home as instructed by your real estate agent or solicitor and………