Tips on Choosing a Moving Date

Deciding when to move can be hard. There are a number of factors that can influence when you NEED to move, not just when you WANT to move.

Here are some questions you should consider before deciding on your move in date:

Renting your Home

If you rent your home, you’ll need to consider your lease. If you’re finishing out your lease, you will need to be out by the date on your agreement, and should have a new place arrange by that time.

Always read over the fine print in your lease agreement. Some leases may require you to give notice of your move out. Check if your landlord can show your place to future tenants while you’re still residing in it.

Have you Settled on Your New Home

If you’ve recently purchased a home your settlement date will determine when you can move in. This can make things a bit tricky if you’re transitioning from renting an apartment or home to ownership. Your settlement date and lease may not line up. If you need a bit of extra time, speak with your landlord about extending your lease month to month until your settlement date is final.

Specific Start Dates for New Job

If you’re relocating because of a new job, consider your starting date. If you know exactly when you’re expected to be at work for your first day, make sure you’re already moved into your new place. Give yourself some time to get settled in and get acclimated to your new surroundings, if you can.

Children in School

If you have children that are in school, you’ll need to decide whether or not you want to relocate them during or after the school year. If you’re staying in the same area you could relocate during a weekend or short break. Ultimately, you should talk with your children (if they’re old enough to form a valuable opinion) and consider their feelings on the subject before making your decision.

Consider these moving tips and questions when deciding on your moving date. Always be sure to give yourself at least eight weeks before your moving date to get everything ready and sorted. A lot goes into moving, and it takes time. Once you have your date, contact ‘Ave A Good Day Removals for help in planning your move.