Things you need when moving house

Moving to new Apartment

Things you need when moving house

Moving to a new property may be both exhilarating and stressful. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or relocating to a larger home, having all the necessary items on hand is essential for making the process go much smoother. However, keeping track of everything you’ll need for a new home may be a challenge, given that so much is dependent on what you currently own and what is included in your purchase.

The best way to safeguard your possessions when moving house Australia is to use the proper packing materials. And using appropriate packing materials will make the process much easier for you. Here, you’ll find everything you’ll need to pack up and move to your new house or workplace.



You will require several boxes of various sizes. At Ave A Good Day Removals, we have sturdy packing boxes to keep all your belongings safe when transporting. It is essential to avoid packing small and heavy things such as books in large or extra-large boxes. Use wardrobe boxes to pack your hanging garments. It is so much easier than any other type of box.


Pens or permanent markers

You need several permanent markers for labelling your boxes and contents. Additionally, you should get medium or thick pens to ensure that your labelling stands out.


Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap should be used to box all fragile and delicate objects. When wrapping an object in bubble wrap, it is best to turn the little bubble in toward the wrapped item, giving more protection than using it in the opposite direction.


Used Paper

Using newspapers to wrap your items will add to your workload. As the ink fades off the paper, you will find yourself washing and cleaning many items once unpacked. Given the low cost of butchers or packing paper, it is advised that you include them on your packing supplies list.


Sealing Tape

It is advisable to use transparent sealing tape to avoid accidentally covering the box’s content label. However, you must use heavy-duty tape on the bottom of the boxes to reinforce them.


Tape Dispenser

A strong, durable sealing tape dispenser is essential for simplifying your packing operation. If you’re planning to have someone assist you with packing, get two or more; this will significantly speed up the process.

Ave A Good Day Removals have all of the packaging materials mentioned above and can supply you with what you need at a very reasonable price.

Kindly contact us, and we will advise you on the types and quantities of packaging material you will need. Additionally, we will inform you of the pricing of the supplies necessary as well as the packing services we offer.