Plan and Organise Your Move

Create Your Sorting System

Set up three boxes Keep, Sell and Give away. The rubbish bag is for stuff that just has to go, of course. Once the giveaway and sell boxes are full, consider what you’d like to do with them. Ask your family and friends if they want to rummage, considering a garage sale or eBay/Gumtree listings. You should also look at donating what you can to your local charity shop.

Contact Your Local Council

As far in advance as possible, we recommend finding out your next hard rubbish day and take advantage of it. Even better is to put the items out a few days early. You may even find someone comes by and takes it for themselves.

Arrange a Garage Sale

Organise a Garage Sale. Don’t be too stuck on your prices, consider the cost of moving it or taking it to the tip versus just letting it go for money in your pocket. Look at your garage as not only making a little money but also saving you money.

Look At Mending It

If you’ve got an item that you’re attached to but it really needs to be repaired, then look into the costs of repairing it. While many items aren’t worth the extra effort, especially fridges and washing machines, furniture is often quite reasonable to have redone. What a great idea, save yourself some money with items such as dining chairs and other smaller pieces, it might be possible to do it yourself.

Arrange Packaging Collection

When you’re purchasing boxes, ask your removalist or box supplier about recycling after the move. Many will have a buy-back program that allows you to sell the boxes back to them and others may even take any bubblewrap and butchers paper off your hands too.  Contact ‘Ave A Good Day Removals