Packing For An Intertstate Move

Packing Safe for Your Interstate Move

If you’re moving interstate you and your belongings will be travelling hundreds of kilometres to get to your new home. It’s vital that you pack everything as safely as possible.

Should I Pack Myself or Leave it to the Movers?

You can choose to pack it all yourself, or your interstate removalists can provide a full packing service. If you pack the boxes yourself, remember to communicate clearly with your removalists so they understand your packing system. Here are a few tips:

  • Label every box, clearly indicating its contents
  • Mark boxes FRAGILE and HEAVY as appropriate
  • Draw arrows to indicate if a box needs to be stored upright
  • Add a little bit of info to make sure the room where you want the box to be unloaded is noted
  • Make a box count sheet and list of items in each box

Doing your own packing will save you a bit of money however do bear in mind that your removals insurance may not fully cover items you’ve boxed yourself.

When packing for the interstate moving process, packing smart is essential. Try to avoid just throwing everything into moving boxes as it will only add to the mess you’ll find as you arrive at your new home.

Pack items from the same room together and clearly label moving boxes so that they are easily identifiable.

Put the heaviest items in the bottom of your moving boxes. Delicate and fragile items should be packed first and you should wrap them up carefully in bubble wrap or other packing materials. You may wish to pack boxes based on frequency of use so you know which boxes to unpack first in your new home.

What Can I Expect From a Professional Packing Service?

The best moving companies have their own packing systems, so that everyone involved in the move has the same understanding.

We have cartons specially designed for all items including fine bone china through to your entire wardrobe on hangers. Everything will be wrapped and labelled carefully to allow for a very smooth move into your new home.

It’s a good idea to find out exactly how your belongings will be handled before and during the trip. It will put your mind at ease to know your boxes and belongings are being packed and moved by the experts.

For further packing advice and quote please contact us at Ave A Good Day Removals.