Organising Your Garage when Moving House


Moving to a new home takes work. The garage, in particular, tends to interfere with the excitement of relocating. Many of us use the garage for storing inconvenient items that we may or may never use again. It is not surprising that packing up the garage can seem incredibly difficult, frustrating and especially time-consuming. But don’t worry, being organised is the key to success! You can accomplish your garage prep easily with a clear strategy. The team at Ave A Good Day Removals will help you out with these garage-prepping ideas.


Prepare a Garage Floor Plan 

Organising your garage via a well thought out plan is essential. Think about your options for reserving space for bulky items like the kids’ bikes and your office equipment. Everyone in the home will feel much lower stress if you plan effectively beforehand. You may also likely enter and exit your home through the garage when you go home from work each day making it vital to invest some money into good shelving and storage options to keep as much off of the ground as possible. Keeping your garage spacious by storing items into stackable boxes and containers with descriptive labels is a fantastic way to manage your garage with ease!


Get Prepared for the Move Early

Start by putting items and boxes away early in order to avoid stress and angry during the moving day. The removal job will also become alot harder if you wait until the last minute to pack up your household! This process involves a lot of sorting, cleaning, and getting rid of things, so ensure you give yourself enough time to prepare without the added pressure of limited time. It may also be the perfect time for a spring clean and decide which items you want to keep and which you want to get rid of, recycle or donate.



Once the garage is in order, utilise additional time to clean out your home in preparation for the relocation. Moving companies including Ave A Good Day Removals will also benefit greatly from this preperation. Sort your belongings into room and then piles of things you will retain, discard, and give away while you pack. You should then save more time and money by not having to relocate unwanted objects. Ensure that like goods are packed together in clearly labelled boxes. Tools should be kept in their respective toolboxes and not simply thrown in with other things. Following this strategy will make moving and unpacking so much less of a hassle because you’ll know exactly where to look for each item upon moving into your new home.

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