Moving Out of Home

5 Simple Steps For Moving Out of Home

Is it time for you to leave the family nest? Moving out of home for the first time is a great experience and is one of the biggest steps towards gaining full independence.

Although you are probably feeling the eagerness to head out on your journey, it is important not to overlook the behind the scenes planning that comes with gaining this new found independence. To ensure your transition into your first place is a smooth one, consider the following steps before you get packing.


Moving Out For The First Time Made Easy With These Five Steps!

1 – Write Checklist and Stick to Due Dates

Making the decision to move out of home for the first time can often be the hardest part, and although it may seem daunting the more prepared you are the easier the move will be.

Checklists are about remembering things, by identifying and listing different challenges before moving day you will give yourself ample time to get prepared. These challenges can include items that might be difficult to move due to size and weight. You will probably own at least a few items that will require professional removalists  to assist with the move.

2 – Financial Awareness

Paying rent or a mortgage, on top of being responsible for your own groceries is a huge change from what you may be used to before moving out of home. You will quickly learn that the fridge or pantry you know so well does not restock itself.

When preparing to move out, you will need to have an great understanding of your budget. First, consider your fixed expenses, like the cost of rent and utilities. You will then be able to determine how much money you can allocate to saving and spending each week / month.

A helpful tip for moving out and saving is to look into the things you spend money on that you can live without. Whatever methods you choose to save money is up to you. Just being aware of your spending is a step in the right direction and a skill you will carry with you for life.

3 – Finding Your New Home

This is an important step and one that you will need to allocate alot time to, don;t rush into the first property you find. The process of finding a place to live is another great opportunity to make yourself a checklist. Some things you will need to consider include:

  • Where do you want to live and how does that tie into your current lifestyle?
  • Can you afford to live in the suburb you want to?
  • Do you need to live in a house or an apartment?

4 – Get Advice and Help

Remember this is your first time moving. Do not hesitate to seek advice from others who have made the move already to ensure you are as prepared as possible. Speaking to others about their moving experience will give you insight into things you possibly had not yet considered. What a perfect time to ask your parents for “yes” more advice.

You are likely aware of purchases you will need to make to ensure your new home is actually livable. Such purchases could include a refrigerator, washing machine, and living room furniture.

The important thing to remember is that you do not need to buy these things brand new. You can pick up many furniture pieces and appliances second hand without breaking the budget. Check in with your family and friends and see if they are looking to sell any of these items.

5 – Transfer Your Information

Following the above steps you now ready to get started, the last step is to redirect your mail to your new address.

Ensure to inform all relevant parties of your change in residence, this may include utility service providers, phone providers, or banks.



Choosing the Right Removalist

Hiring a professional moving company will enable you to complete your entire move with as little headache as possible.

Do not allow the physical process of moving to distract you from the exciting adventure you are about to embark on.

‘Ave A Good Day Removals can take the hassle and stress out of moving.  With all the little details you have to keep in mind, let our team do the heavy lifting. We will make sure that your first moving experience is a positive memory.

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