Moving Your Home Into Storage

Options for Storage

If you’re considering storage then you’ll find there are a few options – warehouse storage, container storage and self storage.

When choosing your option of storage consider the length of time your will require storage, if you need access to your goods and the security your storage option has.

Alot of  mini or self storage facilities have become widely established throughout Australia and is more secure and way more convenient of storing. Typically you’re able to hire a lockable unit that’s within a secure area. Only you will have a key to the door and you’ll be able to access your unit at practically any time of the day or night.


Types of Self Storage Companies

Within the industry you’ll find there are two types of self storage companies. Those that operate with a site manager and those that don’t. You’ll find that having an onsite manager may be something that appeals to you or not.


Getting Your Furniture To Storage

Use a trusted removal company such as ‘Ave A Good Day Removals. This will give you peace of mind your goods will be stacked and stored with the experience and care needed. However you transport your furniture, you’ll have to take special care to keep your items safe while in transit. A good idea is to take apart larger items such as bed frames and dining tables using the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have the right tools for the job, from screwdrivers to small allen keys.
  2. Take furniture apart to the best of your ability.
  3. Tape any screws and fasteners to the relevant piece of furniture so they don’t get lost.

Taking apart large pieces of furniture allows you to fit as much as possible in your vehicle and saves you making multiple trips back and forth. Don’t forget to use plastic furniture covers, sheets or blankets to protect your furniture while on the road.

Safely Storing Your Furniture

Ensure your furniture items are clean and dry before storing, you’ll need to consider the safest and most efficient way to place them in storage.

Covering and Protecting

Using protection has never been so important – well, almost never.

  • If your storage unit has a concrete floor, place a sheet down to protect your furniture from the rough surface.
  • Once your items have been unloaded into your storage unit, use drop-cloths, sheets or blankets to protect them from dust.

Moving with ‘Ave A Good Day Removals, we will provide free of charge plastic covers for soft furnishings and are useful to protect furniture while in storage.

Timeframe For Storage

Are you storing your furniture for a couple of months or a couple of years? Time is an important factor to think about.

If possible:

  • Mattresses stored on their side should be rotated every 2 weeks or so to ensure the coils and cushioning don’t shift.
  • Both upholstered and timber furniture can collect dust over time while in storage, so you should return each month to wipe items down.
  • Having heavier items resting on cushioned items can permanently affect their shape over time, so it’s best to avoid this if you can.

Useful Gear

Stock up on the right products to keep your items looking great. Your furniture will love you for it.

Must-have handy gear:

  • Plastic covers are great for protecting mattresses and couches while in transit or short-term storage (1-3 months).
  • Corrugated cardboard is perfect for dividing stacked chairs.
  • A thick moving blanket will keep your dining table’s surface safe from dirt and damage.

Handy Hints

These few clever tips may not have been on your radar:

  • Don’t store your mattress and bed frame together. Take your bed frame apart to make more room in your unit and reduce the risk of damage. This also ensures the mattress is better ventilated.
  • Don’t store your dining table standing up. Take the legs off your table and lay the table top flat on the ground (on your handy moving blanket, of course). This maximises space and keeps your table surface safe from any scrapes or dents.
  • While removing drawers makes your dresser easier to carry, once inside your storage unit, place the drawers back inside. This keeps their insides safe from dust and frees up space in your unit.

Maximise Your Storage Space

Forcing your furniture into your storage unit without a plan can lead to damage. ‘Ave A Good Day Removals will ensure we get most out of your unit space without compromising the safety of your belongs.

We will:

  • Place larger, heavier items (e.g. cabinets and bed frames) at the back of your unit as a foundation for stacking smaller, more fragile items.
  • Store longer items (e.g. sofas) along the sides of your unit for efficient use of space.
  • Try leave enough room to move around your unit and access items when needed, keeping the most frequently accessed items closest to your unit door.