Moving Home with Pot Plants

We have moved and seen some amazing pot plants in our years moving homes. We thought it may be a good opportunity to shine a little light on the safest and most effective way to make sure that your plants and pots arrive safely to their new home.

How Much Space Will the Plants Take Up in the Truck?

A lot of people don’t realise that pot plants actually take up a lot more space in a truck than the rest of the furniture does. This is because the items of furniture can be wrapped up and protected and then stacked on top of each other, however nothing is going to be able to be placed on top of a pot plant!

If you have more than five or six pot plants then the space required in the truck can start having quite an impact on being able to fit everything easily. To reduce the costs of moving the pots, we advise where possible to put smaller pots into a box and tape the top closed. This allows our removalists to stack them as they would any other heavy box.

If We Have Lots of Pot Plants to Move, What Happens?

As long as we know in advance that there is a large amount of pot plants to be moved then we can always come up with a plan that will suit your unique needs.

Moving Wine Barrel Potted Plants?

In short, yes, we certainly can.

If the wine barrel has been sitting in the back garden for years on end then there is a good chance that some or all of the wood has started to rot.

As the wood rots, it can make the metal hoops that hold the whole barrel together start to loosen and start to come apart.

Before moving day comes up, have a quick look at the quality of your barrel. You may need to consider getting a new half barrel and re-potting your plant before moving day.

Can Removalists Move Pots Plants with Cracks in Them?

Before moving day you should quickly inspect all of your ceramic and concrete pots for any visible cracks that are forming down the sides.

If there are some large cracks visible you should consider re-potting the plant into a plastic pot for ease of transport. We can then wrap up the ceramic or concrete pot and move it as safely as possible to the next house, where you will then have the option of transporting it back into the original pot.

Should I Water My Pot Plants Before Moving Day?

Give them a really good water five or six days before you move, and if they start to seem a little wilted or dried out then give them a gentle misting with a water sprayer, but don’t water them completely!

The drain run off will end up moving throughout the truck and potentially coming into contact with your furniture and other items. You don’t want muddy water going anywhere near your lounge. Adding extra water to the plants will increase the weight of the pot plant.


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