How to Save Money When Moving Intestate

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How do you prepare to move interstate?

The planning process for an interstate transfer is both exciting and daunting. Local and interstate relocation involves careful planning and numerous practical considerations, but an interstate move also requires adapting to the climate and culture of a new place.

Here are some recommendations for planning your interstate move:

  • Choose a good interstate moving company
  • Plan your interstate relocation at least a month in advance.
  • Ensure that your interstate mover has a COVID-19 safety strategy.
  • Consider shuttle fees, truck sizes, and packing fees.
  • De-clutter and arrange as effectively as possible to reduce moving expenses.


Checklist For Interstate Moving

Moving to a different state is a time-consuming process that requires patience and preparation. Here’s the checklist on how to move interstate:

Before relocating, visit the state and city.
We recommend seeing your new city before relocating. You may learn about the area and communities this way. Visit the town’s visitor centre for brochures, maps, and suggestions. Ask the concierge for accommodation recommendations. You can research online for information on your new city and state.

School research
Do you have kids studying? Prioritize school research on your out-of-state moving checklist. Determine which communities are near the public schools you’re considering for your child.

Determine your moving cost.

Out-of-state moving is expensive. Even if you’re relocating alone, you’ll need a truck or container, moving materials, and more. Start with how much you can spend on the relocation—list relocating costs. Put aside money for unexpected expenses.


What is the cheapest way to move interstate in Australia?

Moving interstate in Australia might be difficult if you’re on a budget or have little time. You probably have a thousand questions regarding interstate relocation costs, and Interstate movers have cheaper options. With study, hard effort, and innovation, even families with many furnishings may save money.


Consider Selling Old Furniture

If you want to save money relocating interstate, you might sell all your furniture and buy new ones. This strategy works for singles, retirees, and students, but not families that need to budget. If you’re in a rush to sell your furniture, you may have to sell it below market value. When contemplating this option, consider how soon you need to relocate interstate.

Rent a Trailer

If your car can pull a trailer, renting one is cheaper than renting a truck to move items. Long-distance trailer hauling isn’t enjoyable, especially for beginners, and petrol prices are high.

Use Portable Containers

There’s a cheap alternative to hiring movers, and it’s likely a choice you haven’t made. Moving and storing with portable containers is easy. You load and pack everything in the container at home (which eliminates labour costs), and the mover brings it to your new home.


What are the requirements when moving interstate?

Each state has various rules and regulations, so you’ll need to organize many things you did when you first moved to Australia


Create a moving list
Your relocation checklist should include updating government agencies, banks, and other service providers. Online updating is easy.

Research Local Schools
No matter where you live or what school you attend, Australia has a national curriculum. Certificates, subjects, and school periods differ, so research before you transfer.

Update your license and registration
Each state has its registration and license requirements. Process documentation varies, and prices too. 

Change your voting address.
If you move, you must update your address on the electoral roll, or you won’t be allowed to vote.

Bring only interstate-approved items
Australia’s interstate quarantine rules are among the world’s strictest. Leave behind plants, animals, and agricultural equipment. Australian Interstate Quarantine has further information.


What should I know before moving interstate?

Here are the things you need to know and do before moving interstate:

Plan and get organised
Plan your move. Taking the time to organize can help you complete your list. When planning your move, list all the services you need and use this as your criteria for choosing a removals company.

Ask trusted individuals for references and obtain their opinion. Prioritize canvassing and interviewing highly-recommended companies. You may also visit their website and social media pages, check online reviews, or call them.

Relocation Costs
All the moving parts might add up and increase costs. Recognizing that
expenditures fluctuate dependent on supply demands, be budget ready. Distance and cargo weight are the primary issues in interstate moves. Get an estimate before relocating.

Insurance is another expenditure, but it protects your possessions. Check the company’s insurance coverage. Label delicate items to avoid problems. Please include all contents in your interstate removalist’s inventory to cover them.