How to Pack Heavy or Bulky Items for Your Move

Man Carrying Cardboard Boxes

A Guide to Packing Heavy or Bulky Items for Your Move

Aside from getting organised in packing and moving, the big question is how can we move our big furniture or any heavy items? Packing and moving these bulky items are no joke and you probably can’t do it all by yourself. You can hire a professional team like Ave A Good Day Removals, as they can take care of the biggest furniture down to the smallest and most important things in your house.

Here are 6 handy tips you can utilise in order to make moving those huge items, a little easier to transport:

Gather the right packing tools

It is important to start off with the right materials to cover and protect these huge and heavy items. Make sure you gather sturdy cardboard and even plastic boxes that can comfortably hold the weight of your items. Ave A Good Day Removals pre-sells high-quality moving boxes in different sizes.

Prepare big wraps and boxes

Bubble wraps and linings are just as important in packing and moving. Though you can stuff newspaper and random soft things like towels or cloths to protect your item, it is best to have big bubble wraps for extra security. You can also purchase additional packing accessories from Ave A Good Day Removalists.

Space saver packing

It’s vitally important to minimise as much space as we can and smartly pack things by stacking the heaviest items first and stacking up little and lighter objects above. This means you wont overcrowd a box, but efficiently snug all of those items together with little space in between..

Use strong tapes

If you are moving your household items interstate, you might know the importance of heavy-duty tapes. Investing in some really good adhesives, helps you secure your packages in their boxes and prevent valuables from falling out and breaking. Packing tape, duct tape, or something similar, are commonly used for this task.

Proper lifting techniques and moving tips

Bigger appliances and/or furniture need some proper lifting techniques to save you a lot of time and effort. The removalist should carry things with their legs and through one’s core muscles instead of just using their arms. This allows the weight to be properly handled and prevents unnecessary fatigue.
It is best to use a trolley for heavy items and/or stackable boxes for easy loading to your car or truck.

Padding and anti-slip mats are something you should add to your list, as these can help you when carrying from upstairs. It can also prevent bumps and damage to your furniture or appliances.

Seek professional help

We know that moving can be overwhelming, and that is why ‘Ave A Good Day Removals is your trusted Local and Interstate Removalist is here to help you. Seek professional removal services and you can move effortlessly and stress-free! Get a free quote today and let us help you start moving!