How to Pack Electronics for Moving House

Moving New Home

Tech products are the most expensive items you will be required to pack for your move. Fear of damaged devices and moisture is frequent among movers who pack these items, contributing to extreme anxiety during the moving process. These are some excellent packing and relocation recommendations for electronics to help you out on your next move.


Use bubble wrap.

TVs and laptops, which are fragile, must be packed with care. Even though these products will be carefully piled inside a moving truck, bubble wrap and other protective wrappings can help protect them from any rough road conditions.


Use packing tape.

If your things are in storage for a short time until you finish your relocation, using packaging tape will thoroughly seal boxes and keep out dust. This is essential, as dust accumulations may wreak havoc on your appliances and are often not covered by storage insurance.


Use any original packing. 

This is ideal for your relocation if you have any of the original packaging for your appliances. This packing will often contain all cushioning foam and film that came with your equipment, ensuring that it is well protected during transport.


Take photos of your cables and their proper placement.

Assembling your equipment after a move and seeing a mess of cables may be daunting, especially if you cannot recall where each cord belongs. Before unplugging and detaching your electronic devices, taking a picture of the cords will help you to reassemble them quickly.


If this is your first relocation, you may be unsure how to transport your electronics. Ave Good Day Removals is always here to advise and assist you when needed.