How to Choose the Right Moving Company

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How to Choose the Right Moving Company


Looking for furniture movers in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, and Canberra? There are hundreds of choices, so how do you know which one to choose?


Tips on Selecting the best moving company for you

Selecting the best moving company can be difficult. Most complaints regarding Australian movers involved allegedly lost or damaged property and billing for unworked hours, arriving late, and not honoring estimates also made a list. Moving day is stressful enough without receiving damaged goods or a surprise bill. To avoid this, you should investigate prospective moving companies. It only requires a little time and can save a lot of trouble. So to assess your prospective movers, here’s a short list for you.

  • Choose a company that has been referred to you. Ask family and acquaintances whether they’ve recently hired a moving company. They’ll likely provide you with their removalist’s contact information if they had a positive experience. It’s the best recommendation since you know the company has been tried and tested by someone you know.
  • Once you’ve selected a removalist, you must verify their credentials and history. If you’re relocating across state lines, you’ll need both licensed and skilled movers.
  • Obtaining an estimate from a removal company is one of the first considerations to getting started. Despite the importance of affordability, you get what you pay for, and the lowest-cost service provider is not necessarily the best.
  • Direct services like packing and transportation are offered, but some companies also provide a wide variety of services, such as boxes and accessories for packing and unloading. A company may include these additional services in their packages or offer them at a reasonable fee if a company is respectable.
  • An experienced moving company will thoroughly inventory your possessions to assess the volume and weight. The estimator must check all storage places, including cupboards, drawers, garages and bookcases.
  • Check the address. Request a business card or visit the moving company’s website, then locate the specified address online or in the phonebook. Ensure that the address of the moving firm is recorded and registered under the company name. Be careful of any address with a residential name provided.
  • Stay away from movers that have a lot of different names. Many companies evade being examined by doing business under a multitude of identities. Determine if the business has a physical presence in your area and if it possesses the necessary permits and insurance.