DIY Moving vs Hiring a Removalist Company

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DIY Moving vs Hiring a Removalist Company


We know that moving home stinks, but if you consider the expense of hiring movers, you may be tempted to move on your own.  Whether you decide to hire movers or move depends on your budget, proximity to the new residence, the difficulty of the relocation, and your personality. 

Many individuals are physically incapable of carrying a couch and mattress down a flight of stairs. In addition, you might not have friends or family that can manage heavy lifting. Therefore, many of us have no choice but to hire local removalists. However, many individuals have successfully accomplished many DIY moves and saved a considerable amount of money in the process.

Before making a decision, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative.  If hiring a moving truck and enlisting the help of your friends is the route you choose, be prepared for some bumps along the way. Before making a decision, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each choice with the experts at ‘Ave a Good Day Removals.


DIY Moving


  • DIY moves provide you with ultimate control over the moving process. You can handle all the moving boxes personally to guarantee nothing breaks. You may select when to start and stop a DIY relocation. You may safeguard your things when relocating in harsh weather. You control how the truck is loaded, so movers won’t dump boxes and furniture in the wrong rooms.
  • DIY moves save money if you’re on a limited budget. Hiring a moving company might be expensive, even if you’re moving next door.
  • When moving alone, you don’t have to pack everything neatly. When movers arrive, they’ll want sealed boxes. You won’t have to box lights and plants if you move. You won’t have to worry about packing pillows and blankets. You’re set as long as everything is in the truck on moving day.



  • Heavy lifting during DIY moves is difficult since you must move everything yourself. Unless your strongest (and best) friends volunteer. Still, lugging boxes and heavy furniture won’t be easy, especially if there are stairs. Inexperienced movers might damage walls when carrying couches and mattresses downstairs. One-bedroom apartments are easy to move without help, while five-bedroom apartments may break your spine.
  • Hiring a removalist also requires strategy. Self-moving involves a lot of planning. You’ll need to plan how to move your belongings. You’ll also need to plan how to load the leased moving truck, including which goods go in first and last.
  • If your furniture becomes trapped in the door, you may be out of luck. Without skilled movers and moving gear, you may waste hours fixing the problem instead of enjoying your new home.


Hiring professional movers


  • Professionals will do the heavy lifting. They were employed for a cause. Hiring a reliable moving company will ensure you won’t have to worry about lifting and lugging big furniture. You won’t strain muscles, scrape floors, or beg people to help. You can focus on packing, babysitting, pet-sitting, and other duties.
  • You can anticipate a speedy and painless removal if you’ve picked a reputable, professional moving company. Moving companies are contracted to help with all agreed-upon parts of the transfer. The moving company will come on schedule with the necessary materials and equipment, saving you from last-minute shopping. Hiring a reputable moving company saves the customer time.
  • Overall, hiring movers reduces moving-day stress. Hiring a moving company will save you time and from driving a large moving truck. Driving moving trucks is difficult, and trailers are tougher. If loading and driving a moving truck stresses you out, hire movers.



  • Professional movers limit your moving freedom. You can’t modify the date, time, or how the movers carry your goods. If the moving company makes many stops, you might wait weeks for your truck. Hiring a moving company is not the best option if you want total control.
  • Impersonal. Your movers are probably strangers, and giving strangers your valuables might be nerve-wracking. Before hiring a moving company, do your research, read reviews, and check ratings. Looking for certified and insured movers will help you avoid scams. Make sure the moving company inspects your home in person or through video before quoting a price.