Best Way To Pack Bedrooms?

Moving to a new home can feel like a difficult task, especially if you’re trying to sort out everyone in the family!

It doesn’t have to be a scary experience, however, even if you have lots of kids. When you have more people in your home, there are likely more bedrooms to pack up as well. If you’re packing specific rooms, there’s an easy way to go about each one.

The tips below will help you to go through the bedrooms like a whirlwind:

1 – Assign Family Members to Each Space

With a family, you have a ready-assembled team of packers at your disposal!

Even the youngest ones can provide comic relief if called upon, but the older ones are going to be useful for packing items safely and efficiently.

If you have kids that are too young to help, let an older sibling take charge of their brother’s or sister’s room. They don’t have to do absolutely everything in the space. Put them in charge of packing up toys or board games, it will help you to organise the bigger things. These older kids will also have their own bedrooms to manage, and with more belongings too.

2- Start By Packing the Small and Fragile Items

Wrapping small and fragile items in paper protects them during transit. If you pack this box of fragile belongings well, it will maximise their protection. The small things are also the bits of a room that make it look like it’ll take weeks and weeks to sort out, so getting them out of the way is good for morale!

3- The Clothing Comes Next

Clothing is not difficult to pack – especially with one of ‘Ave A Good Day Removals “Porta Robes”. These are basically stand-up boxes that can hold your clothes on hangers, so there’s no need to fold them. On the other end, all you have to do is take the clothes out of the “Porta Robes” and hang them up – no ironing required.

A “Porta Robe” can make packing clothes so much easier.

4- Finally the Furniture

After everything is packed up, you can leave the large bits of furniture to the moving team on the big day. It’s as simple as that. To start your moving journey the right way, get in touch with ‘Ave A Good Day Removals today.