Best Tips For Moving Home With Children

There’s no doubt about it, moving to a new house is stressful. Add children into the mix and the pressure increases greatly. It’s not just that, you have to think about schools and childcare on top of everything else.

It’s the fact that you are juggling the normal stresses of a move with your most precious cargo demanding your attention. Your children’s needs and emotions will be at the forefront of your concerns. Thankfully, here are a few tips you can use towards making the whole process a lot less stressful for everybody.


Top 10 Tips


1 – Make Time to Discuss Your Move as a Family

If you ever moved, or were faced with the prospect of moving as a child, you might remember a slight sense of panic. Childrens worlds are small. The prospect of being taken from their friends and familiar surroundings is scary, even if you’re only moving a few miles down the road.

Involving your children in the moving process as early as possible is cruical. Sit down as a family and talk openly about the move.

2 – Include Children in Decisions

One way to turn any nerves into excitement is by turning the unknown into something to look forward to. Research the new area together. Look for positives, is there a great playground down the road from the new house? Steer them towards the things you know will get them excited. You could even go and explore the new area together for real if that’s a practical option.

3 – Declutter

It sounds obvious, but it can be difficult to conquer our inner hoarder. Be ruthless. If you (or your children) haven’t touched it in the last 12 months chuck it or give it away, just don’t take it with you.

4 – Ask and Accept Help

We might believe we can do it all on our own, somehow blasting through all the packing and cleaning with a baby under each arm, but we know deep down that this is not a reality. The people in your life will offer you help at some point during the move. Whether that means them getting in with the cleaning or watching the kids for a few hours, don’t be embarrassed to give an enthusiastic YES. If nobody offers, ask. Take the pressure off wherever you can, if you are relaxed your children will be more relaxed.

5 – Pack an Essentials Box, Get Children to do Theirs

You’ll be doing yourself a huge favour by making sure everything you need for the first week is packed together and readily accessible when you arrive.

Having your children pack their own essentials box/s is also a great way to get them feeling involved in the packing process. Get them to pack their favorite belongings in their suitcase to give the removal the holiday feel, or give them a plain cardboard box to decorate.

6 – Packed Boxes Out of Sight

Try to keep all the packed boxes away from the children, preferably together in one room, if you have a spare one or in the garage. As well as keeping the house hazard-free and saving your well-organised boxes from inquisitive little hands, it will keep the house looking as normal as possible right up to the move.

7 – Arrange a Professional Removalist

Get us professionals in. Moving all your belongings from one property to another whilst keeping the children entertained and out of harm’s way borders on impossible.

8 – Children out of the Equation

Even with a removals company taking care of the logistics, moving day will be hectic. If you can move while the children are at school or leave them with a family member or babysitter, do.

9 – Children’s Rooms, Priority

Getting the childrens rooms ready for when they arrive is key to a seamless transition. Don’t underestimate the comfort they’ll find in having their favorite toys and possessions around them straight away.

10 – Throw some Fun into Routine

Keeping kids to their bedtime and breakfast routines is one of the most challenging parts of parenting as it is. But routines mean normality, and are important to salvaging as much of that as possible, even amidst the biggest of upheavals. Try keep bedtime the same but don’t be afraid to throw in a few treats. Arrange takeaway on the first night. The children will love it and you definitely would have earned it!

It might feel impossible now, but thousands of families successfully move each year with ‘Ave A Good Day Removals.

Communicate, stay organised, and accept the help you need; you’ll get there. It’s all worth it in the end!