5 Common things we forget when Moving

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Moving out of your home or apartment is typically a stressful experience. As with any stressful situation, it is easy to neglect many tasks during the process. From updating your address and contacting your utility providers to transferring your medical documents and turning in your keys on time to the real estate agent, the sheer volume of tasks might induce unneeded tension!


Instead of stressing about what you need to do, we’ve compiled a list of the five most common things people fail to do while moving house.


Clean out the shed

People still seem to forget when moving houses is the shed. Often times people forget things like a mower, gardening equipment, cleaning tools, pots, accessories, and much more. As part of the moving checklist, you should always check the shed and clean it out.


Update all mail suppliers

Even though this is frequently tiresome, particularly with so much becoming digital, it may be difficult to remember who still sends one letter every year! Having mail diverted using a “change of address” application is the first step in moving house. However, this has a time limit, so it’s your responsibility to change your address and notify all of your providers, so you don’t miss an essential bill or letter. Here is a list of considerations: Financial institutions, insurers, government agencies, the electoral roll, utility companies, and car registration


Labeling Boxes

Even though you’d think common sense would win out, people forget to label boxes. People often want to put everything in a box, tape it up, and be done with it during these times. Taking the time to write down the room it came from and the most essential things can help you remember when you move to your new place. 


Medical Document Transfer

Especially if you are traveling across state lines, it is essential to identify your new medical clinic. You may ask your current physician to transfer all your medical documents to your new physician. This will assist your new physician in becoming familiar with your family and medical history.


Important items

Sometimes the simplest and most important stuff is left behind. Having grown from the removals sector, we’ve seen everything, and here are a few things we’ve observed being neglected: chargers, keys, and remote controllers. The “essentials box” includes items such as a kettle, toaster, a few cups, plates, essential consumables, or one for the bathroom with toiletries, essential medicine or first aid, and simple items such as toilet paper.

You can always hire a professional Gold Coast Removalist to facilitate your moving house, particularly if you plan an interstate move. They will handle all your needs smoothly and stress-free.