4 Common mistakes when moving house

Moving to new Apartment

4 Common mistakes when moving house


Even if you haven’t moved in a long time, you know that moving into a new property is exciting and stressful. It can be helpful to gain a few moving suggestions and strategies when you begin the process. Even if you plan and prepare thoroughly, there is still room for error on moving day.

You’ll need many weeks (or more) to organise your relocation, including the essential cleaning and packing.  Although each move is unique, there are a few critical points when things might go wrong, like Packing mistakes causing conflict with your seller or landlord.


Here are some of the moving mistakes you can avoid:


The majority of individuals underestimate the length of time required when moving. 

The most common error is discounting the time needed to pack all of your household stuff. Calculate how long you believe it will take to pack, double it. This will bring you closer to the right amount of time. If you want to alleviate some of the stress associated with the home transfer, you may choose our pre-packing service.


Not Labeling Boxes

If you do not mark the boxes as you pack them, unpacking will take at least three times as long! It’s a little task that contributes significantly to the speed and ease of your relocation. We recommend correctly labelling your boxes with the room they belong in and describing the contents. 

Each box should be marked on two or more sides and the top. If you inform your movers which room is which, they will put the boxes accordingly, saving you much time and work.


Not Disposing of unwanted belongings.

The majority of us have closets stuffed with clothing, ornaments, and books that we haven’t touched in years and are unlikely to need in the future. Disposing of things you no longer use is a no-brainer, and this will save you much time and money on packing and the cost of the removal and time spent unpacking at your new house.


Selecting the Wrong Furniture Removalist

The most expensive aspect of relocating is hiring a furniture removalist company. As a result, it’s quite tempting to hire the cheapest house removals company available. This, however, may backfire if you wind up with damaged or lost property. 

We recommend obtaining at least three quotations from various removal companies. Additionally, we urge that you conduct extensive research on each of these companies.